About us
HR is becoming bolder in its solutions, agile, open, connected and transparent. It’s time to think bigger, see opportunities and embrace them with all your heart.

Our mission

After 20 years in recruiting, sales and management, we saw the freelance recruitment market was ready for a change (and desperately looking for it). The on-demand workforce is the future!

In average 30% of companies staff are already freelancers. And this group of freelance experts will keep growing fast in the coming years. The war on freelance talent is raging and more than ever a solid freelance management strategy is critical to success for companies business.

proUnity is a platform that combines the flexibility of a Freelance Management Solution with the performance of a Vendor Management Solution. Freelancers and buyers no longer want to run in circles. We connect Freelance experts with corporate buyers, with more transparency, at a better price and with a faster time to market. Once the Freelance expert is on-board the daily management of the contracting, mission details, time registration, reporting and invoicing is handled on one single platform

With proUnity, top freelancers and corporate buyers can join forces, working together as dynamic entrepreneurs.
We make it easy and pleasant for everyone to do their job.

With proUnity, you become a leader in this movement overnight!
Buyers, HR Managers, recruiters, and freelancers get the job done faster and better, and everybody wins.

Our team

David Muyldermans
Founding Partner

My name is David Muyldermans and I'm a full time Freelancer. I've been an employee for more than 10 years but since I changed my statute I never felt so happy and so dedicated. Having decided to become an entrepreneur more than just a switch for financial reasons - was one of the best professional choices I've made. As a matter of fact with already more than 9 million freelancers in Europe this is the fastest growing labor market.

After more than 15years in the staffing industry it was time to build a Freelance Management Solution. A platform made by and for this fast growing community, looking for the most attractive jobs at a fair price. I wanted to offer a better alternative to the classic staffing industry. With proUnity you enter the new world of employment in full transparency. Connecting Have Talent with Need Talent has never been easier.

Olivier Glorieux
Senior Business Manager

Working for several years in the outsourcing industry and being a freelancer myself, I came to the conclusion that finding freelancers in the virtual world was a challenge.

A challenge because it was not only time-consuming, but above all very expensive working with low added value middle men & companies. So I was looking for an alternative to the existing classical freelance platforms.

Talking to several stakeholders, HR managers, buyers and friends I met David Muyldermans who experienced the same frustration and challenges. He was already working on a solution to unite freelancers and companies in a very transparent way with an online platform that takes over all recruiting, administration, contracting and payment (getting paid) handling.

I was so overwhelmed by the unique possibilities of the platform I decided to join this promising start-up. Freelancers rule the world!

Tania viviane
Senior Account Manager

"Everyone loves transparency and efficiency. That's the reason why I decided to join proUnity. I’m a customer-oriented person and I always pay attention to my customer’s needs. Working for several years in an outsourcing company, I was frequently frustrated when unable to satisfy my customers’ needs due to the rules of the “war of talent”.
With proUnity I’m constantly amazed to exceed their expectations. So don't wait any longer and join our experts’ community now! »