About us
HR is becoming bolder in its solutions, agile, open, connected and transparent. It’s time to think bigger, see opportunities and embrace them with all your heart.

Our mission

We saw that the labor market across the world is changing at top speed. There are more and more freelancers, wishing more mobility & flexibility. And on top of that, the digital transformation has a huge impact on the recruitment processes. proUnity is living this revolution from within, injecting our knowledge in HR, technology and labor regulations, into a unique VMS platform.

We support and advise companies in the setup of a cost-effective hiring and contract strategy. More than ever, a solid contingent workforce strategy is critical to success for our client’s business.

With proUnity, top freelancers, suppliers and corporate buyers can join forces, working together as dynamic entrepreneurs. We make it easy and pleasant for everyone to do their job.

Become a leader in this movement overnight!
Buyers, HR Managers, recruiters, suppliers and freelancers get the job done faster and better, and everybody wins.

Our team

David Muyldermans
Founding Partner

"My name is David Muyldermans and I'm a full time Freelancer. I've been an employee for more than 10 years but since I changed my statute I never felt so happy and so dedicated. Having decided to become an entrepreneur more than just a switch for financial reasons - was one of the best professional choices I've made. As a matter of fact with already more than 9 million freelancers in Europe this is the fastest growing labor market."

After more than 15years in the staffing industry it was time to build a Freelance Management Solution. A platform made by and for this fast growing community, looking for the most attractive jobs at a fair price. I wanted to offer a better alternative to the classic staffing industry. With proUnity you enter the new world of employment in full transparency. Connecting Have Talent with Need Talent has never been easier.

Cristian Ciuperca

Over 15 years ago, Cristian wrote his first software application, as bachelor of Computer Science and "Agile-Believer". His IT knowledge and passion has grown since then. He successfully led a series of development teams, delivering top-level timing and budgeting. Cristian sees that the current business model for freelancers and their customers has been broken. ProUnity is a smart and revolutionary solution for him, which can radically change the market.
Already during his first year of study in 2002, Cristian founded his first IT company, which tailored software for the local market. In 2005 he started as an adviser in the Romanian office of Absolute IT Solutions, an American-Romanian outsourcer. Soon he led the mobile division. He was responsible for team development and communication with external stakeholders in Europe and the US.
In 2007, Tech Team Akela founded a new department in Romanian Galati, and Cristian jumped on the train. As a team leader, he managed the outsourced software development for the financial market in London. Cristian is constantly looking for new challenges. In 2008 he started in Belgium as a consultant at Alti.Cernum. He works for Electrabel, Vix Technologies, the Ministry of the Interior and EDF Luminus.
Several times he plays the role of team leader in multicultural and multilingual teams. He manages the entire software cycle, from pre-sales to development, support and maintenance. In 2012 Cristian will start a new company in Paris, together with former CEO of Vix Technology Belgium. They build customized mobile solutions for customers outsourcing to near-shore locations. Since mid 2013 he is also a freelance consultant at GDF Suez Belgium, within the Energy Management Trading division.
By 2015, Cristian joins the shareholder in the proUnity story.
As a CTO at ProUnity, Cristian is responsible for the development and technology of the proUnity platform.

Tania Vivane
Senior Account Manager

"Everyone loves transparency and efficiency. That's the reason why I decided to join proUnity. I’m a customer-oriented person and I always pay attention to my customer’s needs. Working for several years in an outsourcing company, I was frequently frustrated when unable to satisfy my customers’ needs due to the rules of the “war of talent”.
With proUnity I’m constantly amazed to exceed their expectations. So don't wait any longer and join our experts’ community now! »