Managed Service Provider

Our experts help you heart and soul in your search and management of your contingent workforce.

At your service!


Extensive support

Determine which tasks can be handled by the ProUnity experts. Stay in the driver’s seat and keep control over your critical processes.


Reduced administration

We love to make your life easier. Thanks to the automated processes and our experts’ support, you’ll have more time for relevant matters.



We keep you informed about the latest prices, legal changes and new trends within the market. Get ahead of the market and your competitors.

Our 6 step MSP-approach

1. We activate your account

We analyse your needs and give you advice in order for you to find the right expert. We activate your users based on their role and your company structure. We also show you how to get the most out of our platform.

2. We find the right talent and partners for you

Our hiring experts are at your service at all times. We closely follow your missions and projects.
We ensure a constant flow of new freelancers and service providers.

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3. We get the job done

We help you to draw up your missions and provide you with a screening and preselection of candidates. Our experts support you all the way by organizing your interviews and ensure a fluent communication with your candidates.

4. We free time for what matters for you

Thanks to the automated processes and our expert’s support, your administration becomes lighter. We manage the follow-up of your contracts, timesheets and billing, and more.

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5. Our experts do the follow-up

We daily monitor all activities and follow-up all missions. Our support team is at your disposal at all times and proactively think forward with you. We also provide you with report on a regular basis which helps you to steer your strategy and budgets.

6. We manage your service suppliers 

We help you to find the right partners and in order to provide you with qualitative parties our team regularly evaluates the service providers active on our platform. We also guarantee that contracts between ProUnity and your suppliers are aligned with the framework agreement of your company. Lastly, ProUnity ensures the correct and quick payment of your suppliers.

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