Vendor Management System

A centralized and powerful VMS platform that streamlines all your hiring processes.

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A centralized and powerful tool

A powerful platform that streamlines all your processes for the hiring and management of your contingent workforce. Recruit faster and get a better grip on your budgets.


User-friendly and tailor made

proUnity is the most flexible and intuitive VMS platform on the market. It is easy to use and can be adapted to match your company’s structure and organisation. Let’s get it started!


Safe and easy to integrate

All incoming and outgoing data from our servers are encrypted. proUnity works with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, leader in data protection. Furthermore, it’s easy to integrate with your current system.

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Find the contingent workforce that fits your project

Create a new mission in no time. Our freelance community and your selection of affiliated service providers immediately see what you are looking for. Our smart algorithms will provide you with a preselection that matches your demand, which will ease and smoothen your selection process. You can inform your potential candidates on their status with our built-in or custom messages available on the platform. We also keep track of your hired candidates and feedback, which will help you to select the best candidate for your next mission.

Manage all your contingent workforce on one platform

Reduce your administrative tasks to a bare minimum thanks to our easy, fast and digital processing. Manage your ongoing projects directly on our VMS or integrate it with your current  time registration process. You have a real time view on your hired experts and expenses. Your billing and payments are going much smoother and more transparent.

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Determine your user roles and          company structure as you like

You decide which users gets access to the platform and what their role will be. Different cost centers? You can manage them seamlessly and without borders. Are you active all over Europe?  proUnity can handle different currencies and conversions happen automatically.

All your reports in real time

All the data about hiring, worked hours and budgets are presented in an objective and concise way. You have a continuous view on the performance of your freelancers and service suppliers. All reports are delivered in user-friendly charts and dynamic Excel sheets.

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Use the platform to communicate

Personalize or use the standard messages available on our platform. Communicate directly and in a controlled way with your candidates at every step of the hiring process. The proUnity support team is there to help you at any time. You can reach our support team with the chatbox, by phone or email.

Security first!

All incoming and outgoing data from our servers are encrypted.
The proUnity platform is hosted on the Azure Cloud of Microsoft, leader in data protection.
Furthermore, proUnity is fully consistent with GDPR.

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Timesheet Based

Work with your contingent workforce based on time and material. They get paid based on a validated timesheet.

Budget Based

Ask for a proposal, work SOW based and on a predetermined budget. You pay based on deliverables.

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