The ProUnity Platform

Join us, access a broad range of missions at fair market prices. Negotiate directly with your end customer, without (expensive) subcontractors.

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The fast track to your next mission


Work at the best market prices

You can directly negotiate your daily rate with the final client. In addition to that, your registration on ProUnity and the use of our platform is completely free.


A direct and transparent collaboration

Get rid of expensive third parties and work directly with your end client. The ProUnity platform is the best way to full transparency and a clear partnership.


Stay tuned about the latest missions

With ProUnity you instantly have access to all the missions available on the market. You’ll be notified with every new mission and decide for yourself if you want to apply.


Safe and correct payment, always

As soon as your timesheets are approved, we prepare your invoice and pay you according to the agreed contract terms.

6 steps to freelance-happiness

1. Register now, it’s free.
And you can only win!

Freelancers with a VAT-number can sign in and make up their profile for free. Add a CV, tell us what kind of missions you are looking for and we will come up with interesting missions for you!

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2. Find the missions that suit you

Apply for the missions  that fit your profile and ambitions. You can specify your preferences and skills when creating your account on proUnity and receive a selection that fits your profile. Once you are registered you will receive missions according to your preferences and you can apply for the missions you prefer. As soon as you apply, the client gets a message and you’ll get a notification when you are selected.

3. Go for the right mission

Found the mission you like? Great! Together with the client you’ll be able to discuss the mission details, number of days, daily rate and expenses in full transparency. Your contract is ready? Perfect, now you can start your new mission!

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4. Get to work!

Now is the time to fulfill your mission and to get paid for it. Our support team will also give you a hand to upload your timesheets on proUnity properly. We’ve made it very clear and easy to manage and even notify you with a gentle reminder when the deadline approaches in order to get everything done in time.

5. We make up your bills

Once your timesheet is validated we generate your invoice completed with all details. All you need to do is to complete your invoice number and submit the invoice through the platform. It’s that simple!

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6. Get paid (fast)

ProUnity shortens your payment delay! Thanks to our new feature, the ‘Fast Payment’ you can decide if you want to be paid within 5 working days after validation of your timesheet. You can activate or deactivate this option, depending on your cashflow needs!

Our Pricing

The registration and use of the platform is 100% free of charge.
Billing only activates when a contract is approved by the client.
ProUnity’s flexible business model adapts according to your company’s structure and needs.

Our margin never exceeds 25 euros per day.

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ProUnity has jobs in multiple industries

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