The ProUnity Platform

More jobs at a fair market price.
And a transparent and efficient collaboration.

The winning combination for your business


Fair and honest market prices

You directly negotiate your budget with the final customer. Furthermore, the registration on ProUnity is totally free!


Fast access to all the missions

We keep you informed about new missions posted on our platform. You decide for which missions you want to propose your candidates.


Safe and correct payments

You can send us your bill based on the approved timesheets. ProUnity ensures the payments happen quickly and safely.


Single Point of Contracting

Discuss the mission’s conditions with the final customer. We are your single point of contact regarding contract management and invoicing.

6 steps for an ideal collaboration

1. Register today!

ProUnity works with qualitative suppliers. That’s why we analyse your registration demand first. Once your registration is approved you will get access to all the missions posted by our customers on ProUnity.

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2. Propose your candidates for adequate missions

Once you are registered, you can create your candidate’s profile on ProUnity, upload a valid CV and specify his daily rate and availability. You will then be able to propose your candidate for a mission that fits his profile. As soon as your candidate is chosen for a mission, you will get a notification from us.

3. Contract your candidates online

Propose your candidates for adequate missions and determine the specific contracting conditions. When your candidate is selected for the mission, the contracting process is managed online.

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4. Manage the easy time registration

It’s time for your candidate to complete his mission, meaning you’ll have to prepare for the payment. The candidate can input his worked hours in the platform. Then those hours will be validated by the final customer. We  also send a gentle reminder when the deadline approaches to make sure that everything is handled in time.

5. Get paid, as agreed

When the final customer approves the timesheet on the platform, ProUnity proceeds to the payment as agreed in the contract. Just send us your bill with the validated timesheet of your candidate and we’ll take care of the rest!

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6. Go for Fast Payment

ProUnity shortens your payment delay! Thanks to our new feature, the ‘Fast Payment’, you can decide if you want to be paid within 5 working days after validation of your timesheet. You can activate or deactivate this option, depending on your needs!

Our Pricing

Registration on our platform and use of it is completely free. Billing only activates when a contract is validated. ProUnity is based on a flexible business model that adapts according to your company’s structure. Our margin NEVER exceeds 25 euros per day.

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