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Technical Service Engineer

@ Belgium - Brussels
Posted on 02/02/2018 by David
Daily rate : 950€ - 1150€
Sector : Insurance
Duration : about 17 weeks
Description :


  • Alignment of IT strategy and planning with compagny's business goals.
  • Optimatization of information management approaches through and understanding of evolving business needs and technology capabilities.
  • Long-term strategic responsability for the compagny's IT system.
  • Promotion of shared structure and applications to reduce costs and improve information flows.
  • Work with solutions architect(s) to provide consensus based enterprise solution that scalable, adaptable ans synchronization with ever changing business needs.
  • Management  of risks associated with infomration and IT assets through appropriate standards and security policies.
  •  Direct or indirect involvement in the developement of policies, standards and guidelines that direct the selection, development, implementation and use of Information Technology within the enterpise.
  • Develop an enterprise architecture strategy with clear goals and well-defined set of  deliverables and services.
Languages :
Dutch Advanced English Advanced French Advanced
Roles :
Technical Support Engineer 5y
Skills :