Our partners

Securex specializes in human resources in order to support entrepreneurs in setting up and growing their business. It offers companies advice on everything to do with the world of work. Securex makes a passionate commitment to its own future and to that of your organization or company. Securex places human capital high up in your organization. Because staff form the centerpiece of your business. The better you lead them, the better they perform. That’s why a high quality HR policy is essential for every business.

This high quality is achieved by a powerful service, supported by our knowledge and expertise, an optimal management of your human capital, via renewed and reliable solutions and the development of your staff members’ competencies, in order to keep on growing in their jobs.

Securex achieved a turnover of 258 million Euro in 2015. The group is active in Belgium, France, Luxemburg and The Netherlands and has 1.600 employees working in 32 regional offices. They are fulfilling high level HR services for more than 83.000 companies, 116.000 independents, 70.000 individuals and 5.600 privileged partners such as accountants, brokers and book-keepers.


"The group formed by the Brussels Regional Investment Company and its subsidiaries, finance.brussels, is the pool of public funding in the Brussels Capital Region.
Her first assignment is to support the creation and growth of enterprises.
In 2014, the SRIB/GIMB has celebrated its 30th anniversary and has become an undeniable partner in the financing of Brussels companies. In 2016 Finance.brussels/GIMB/SRIB invested in proUnity to support their growth.
A part of their of their profit will be reinvested in the mission.

Seeder Fund

The Seeder Fund is the 8th fund launched by EEBIC Ventures. It is managed by former entrepreneurs with a strong knowledge of the challenges that a start up faces. The fund is targeting 15 investments per year as seed money in Belgian start ups from the Digital Economy. The fund has also the objective to capitalize in the most performing start ups of its portfolio, during second or third rounds.
Thanks to the proximity of the fund with those start ups, the growth of the most promising projects will be easily and rapidly ensured.