Frequently asked questions
Who can subscribe on proUnity?
proUnity is built to unite freelancers and companies. As a freelance you need to have a VAT number to be able to subscribe. One VAT number can cover a maximum of 2 freelancers. With companies we mean really only end customers. Service providers or "bodyshoppers" are not allowed to subscribe on the platform.
How can I subscribe as a freelancer?
You can easily subscribe through the login in page. You can use your LinkedIn, Facebook or gmail account. Enabling you to use the platform you should at least complete the first 3 steps.
How can I subscribe as a company?
proUnity wants to know and support their customers. Complete the contactform or contact us directly and we will guide you through the subscription.
Timesheet & expenses
Why do I need a Timesheet and how does it work?
For the freelancer an approved timesheet and expense sheet is mandatory to be able to invoice proUnity. The timesheet and expenses must be validated by the customer at the end of the month or at least at the end of his mission. proUnity will only accept freelancers' invoice if the Company approved his timesheet & expense sheet through the platform. proUnity will invoice the company based on the approved timesheets and expenses.
How can a company validate a timesheet?
The company must appoint in "settings" a timesheet and expense validator for each freelancer that joins his projects. At the end of the month the validator will receive an email and platform notification requesting to validate the timesheet. If required the company can give this mandate to proUnity.
Contracting & Invoicing
Are there any upfront recruitment or contractual costs?
The use of the platform is free of charge. The Company and the freelancer negotiate one on one about the daily rate. proUnity will charge the company a fee of max. 25 EUR per approved working day.
With who do I contract?
The Company and freelancer contracts directly with proUnity. proUnity will mirror the Companies with the freelancer. Missions are formalized through a Purchase or Task Order.
How can I stop/end a contract?
Through the platform you can inform the other party about the contract ending. An email and platform notification will be send. The notifications sent through the platform are legally binding. The contract terms and conditions are customer specific and need to be respected.
How can I extend a contract?
Extending a contract is very easy. The company will confirm the agreed daily rate and start date through the platform. A platform and email notification will be sent to the freelancer requesting to accept or refuse. Based on the online acceptance the Company will create and send a PO to proUnity. A mirrored PO will be sent to the freelancer by proUnity.
Profile completion
Why should I complete my full profile?
Companies are searching for the best match. Freelancers that complete their profile for 100% intend to receive more attractive contract propositions.
Why do you need my freelancer company details?
Based on the company information proUnity will do checks to avoid that prohibited freelancers subscribe. The company information is needed enabling proUnity to prepare the contract. The company information is also used for the creation of the pro-forma invoice.
Who can review the freelancers work?
Only companies that have subscribed on the platform. A Company can review the freelancers work during or at the end of a mission. The Companies review can be anonymous or nominative.
Who can see the reviews?
Only Companies that have subscribed on the platform. When a freelancer apply on a mission the Company will see the freelancers profile and verify its reviews.
Why is a review important?
Thanks to the professional reviews quality of service and profiles will increase. Companies will find better qualified candidates. Freelancers are able to find faster new attractive missions.
Can I legally review a freelancer?
The proUnity way of reviewing is 100% compliant with the European legislation.
As a company I want to publish a mission in an anonymous way. Is this possible?
When you create a new job post you can mark how this job post should appear. Freelancers will be able to read the job post but the company logo or name won't be visible till they have applied on the job.
Candidates board
Can I apply in different positions in the same time?
You can apply to different positions in the same time. It is really important to select the missions/projects you think you match the best
How Do I Update my profile?
It is really easy to modify, change, add, delete criteria. You need to go on CV details and click on the little icon "pencil" to adapt your profile
Can I have several projects and contracts running in the same time?
You can different project & contracts running in the same time as long the mission you have are in part time. When you have a full time, of course it is not possible
How can get more relevant job results?
It is important to define exactly what you are searching for in the Category of Interest. proUnity's business intelligence tool will present you jobs matching your selection.
Does my account expire?
Your account never expires.
I'm not looking for a new mission anymore, what should I do?
While you are busy with a mission, it is important to mention when your assignment will end so clients/customers be aware of the time period in which you will be ending your mission.
Company board
How can get more relevant profile results?
It is important to define exactly what you are searching for in the job description by defining the required criteria. proUnity's business intelligence tool will present you profiles matching your selection.
How many users can we have?
You can have as many users as you want
I forgot my password, how do I login?
When you forgot your password, click on the link "forgot your password", you will receive an automatic mail to reset your password.
I forgot my username, how do I login?
When you forgot your username, you should send a mail to
How do I change my password?
Go on the setting page, and change manually your password
Data protection and confidentiality
Is my data secure and protected?
All freelancers' and companies' data and actions are safely stored by proUnity.
Who can see my resume?
Only companies that are member of proUnity.
Who can see my published job post?
Only freelancers that are members of proUnity.
How can I report a bug?
If you notice a bug please send a mail - preferable with a screenshot - to When you are logged in on the platform you can click the button "?" which can find on the top right of your screen.
Freelancers community
What kind of experts can be found on proUnity
Type of roles: Project Directors, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Business Consultant, Digital experts, Security Consultant, Functional Analysts, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Information Architects, Software Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Data Base Architect, Network Architect, Designers, Slicers, developers, testers ... Environment: Mobile, WEB, Application, ERP, BI, CRM, CMS, Security, GIS, Network, Infrastructure, data base, Middle ware ..

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