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Find & Hire the freelancer your project deserves

What can we do for you

We connect IT & Digital freelancers and projects for better work

proUnity is a free platform where professionals and great projects
are united. Enterprises can easily create a job description and
post it on the platform. Freelancers can search and apply on
the job post for which they have the required skills.

Time to market is important. So based on the freelancers’ category of interest, we support the decision makers by proposing a list of all
the best rated professionals.

Working together has never been so easy. Once the expert is on-board
the daily management of the contracting, mission details, time
registration, reporting and invoicing is handled on one single platform.

We make it easy and pleasant for everyone to do their job! 

With proUnity you find the expert
without the cost of the middlemen

What are people saying

“It’s great to see how proUnity succeeded to combine the functionalities of a VMS with the approach of a Freelance Management Solution.  Having a performant platform that combines both of best worlds is what we’ve been looking for. The User eXperience is really nice!”

How it works

Better pay rates - lower bill rates

Expert and buyer negotiate one-on-one about daily rate, start date …..

From Job opportunity to mission, work effortlessly and in full transparency.

proUnity is your contracting party. We take care of the contracting and administration.
With all validated time sheets and expenses, we manage the invoices.


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