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ProUnity’s Marketplace
is the only open job forum for
freelancers and suppliers,
specialists in many domains
and markets.

The expert marketplace with a personal touch, or interesting expert missions.

You’re welcome on the first Y Marketplace combining direct sourcing of 10,000+ freelancers and 2,000+ service companies.

On one free and open platform, specialists fluently connect with major companies to work together P in 2,500+ missions each year, in the Benelux and beyond.

60+ major clients quickly Y connect on the free marketplace with 17,000+ freelancers and 1,600+ suppliers, and fluently work together. The platform facilitates 2,500+ longer-term missions each year, in the Benelux and beyond. Ability U meets opportunity, with a precise matching algorithm, clear contracts, fair and compliant collaborations and efficient online admin tools.

What’s in it Y for you ?

  • Free registration and use
  • Handy admin tools and mobile app.
  • New job posts, each day.
  • Fast and fluent opportunity access.
  • Direct client contact, no intermediaries.
  • A truly open and fair market.
  • Checked profiles (vetting!).
  • Local and international jobs.
  • Fast fair access to government jobs.
  • Simple application, clear procedures.
  • Direct hook-up with valuable private clients.
  • Fast access to public clients, no tenders or lost time.
  • Fast and free of charge.
  • New jobs and projects each day.
  • More and varied domains and requests.
  • Individual jobs and Statement of Work projects.
  • Clear contracts and tools.
  • User-friendly platform and mobile app.
  • Human help desk and support.
  • A much broader choice.
  • Multiple domains.
  • Junior and senior profiles.
  • Faster and compliant find & hire process.
  • Direct sourcing and SoW contacts.
  • A truly open and fair market.
  • User-friendly platform and mobile app.
  • VMS + Marketplace + MSP.
  • Dedicated ProUnity MSP team.
  • Advice and support with a smile.
- prounity freelance prounity

Respecting value Z and identity.

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    Companies deserve premium external specialists for their innovative projects B while freelancers and service providers merit fair chances to win new jobs. We make it happen, and 95+% of new opportunities on the Marketplace is filled in within days.

    ProUnity builds the right bridge O between supply and demand in one open place, leading to clear compliant collaborations, where everyone wins.

Respect X for identity and value.

Companies deserve premium external experts for their innovative projects B while freelancers and service providers merit fair chances to win cool new jobs.

ProUnity makes it happen. The right connection O between supply and demand in one open place leads to clear and correct collaborations, where everyone wins.

The ProUnity F effect




New registrations
each month







New jobs posted
each month

What’s in it J for you ?

Take a leap in your business and personal growth ⎯ Opportunities become exciting new projects via our smart and secure matching engine.

And it’s working ⎯ Each month, 200+ new participants join our marketplace. 95+% of offers are successful, adding up to +1,500+ new longer-term missions filled in each year.

Create your profile and access a broad range of longer-term missions at fair market prices, with new opportunity updates each day. You’re in direct contact with your end client to conclude a solid, balanced contract. The online timesheet and invoicing tools and clear payment process make the collaboration happy and fruitful.

What once felt counter-intuitive for some is now a valued go-to resource for new mission and SoW projects in IT, engineering, HR, finance, sales… everyone has the same chances to win business, the tools are intuitive and the process is crystal clear. it’s good for business.

Purchase and project managers connect fast with a broad selection of qualitative on-demand talent, and hire the flexperts matching their projects. The integration with ProUnity’s VMS and MSP support guarantees lean and compliant external talent management.

ProUnity S power…


Major clients


New registrations per month



17 000+



Missions posted each month

Job opportunities N in many domains.

Marketing & Communication

Finance &


Expert jobs Q in many domains.