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Combine our deep talent pool, solid VMS and MSP
to attract and manage your contingent workforce.
Faster, smarter, better. And with a smile.

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Win time, efficiency and money


Hire faster

Reach thousands of external experts at the push of a button. Find and hire the right talent up to five times faster, and reduce your time-to-market.


Make it cost-efficient

Let competition play on our extended controlled marketplace with experts in multiple fields, full transparency and fair market prices. No hassle, and you save money.


Streamline all flows

Smoothen recruitment and manage contingent workers on one platform. Transparent, easy and clear, with all stakeholders on track.


Master your data

Control your external talent, with 20/20 vision in real time on budgets and key information. No more surprise hirings or unexpected expenses!

+1,000Service providers

+1,250Signed contracts

+10,000Active freelancers

On-demand talent in 3 easy steps

1. Join our rich Marketplace

Reach a broad, wide and growing pool of external workers in one click. Share your missions with a vast pool of excellent freelancers and over 1,000 specialized and generic service providers. And we boost your missions on social media, to increase interest and response.

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2. Use our Power VMS

Boost your on-demand talent management with ProUnity’s powerful Vendor Management System. Lead the whole process in style, from selecting candidates to contract management, time registration and billing. All on one safe cloud-based platform, built with robust Microsoft technology, easy to integrate with your current systems.

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3. Add smart MSP support

Win time and get top results, with our experienced Managed Service Provider team. Our experts recruit and manage your contingent workforce with a smile, follow up your trusted suppliers, adding valuable advice and support. The perfect partners to help you control your key HR processes.

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All parties join the platform for free.

ProUnity has a flexible pricing model.
Billing is only activated when there are approved timesheets.
You win time and money with a financial model matching your needs.
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