10 months
21/02/2024 - 31/12/2024 Belgium
  • IT Product Development Manager Senior
  • English Full professional proficiency
  • Dutch Nice to have
  • French Nice to have


AREA42 task description


Task title: Product Developer – Terms.Tech

PO number: 4500021094



  • Brussels, Prague
  • Remote location possible (this over-rules the stipulation in the Framework contract that “The Freelancer undertakes to provide the Services at the premises of the Customer …”)


Task objectives

Combine design, business and engineering skills to create efficient, forward-thinking products that meet user and stakeholder requirements within the frame of the product strategy.

A Product Developer is a professional role responsible for the development of product(s) in AREA42. Product Developers decide which product features should be developed in line with the product strategy and its goals. They identify the customer need and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfil, articulate what success looks like for a product, and rally a team to turn that vision into a reality. They are responsible for the functional requirements, and managing feature releases.

Product developers specify high-level functional and non-functional requirements, and manage feature releases. They coordinate work done by many other functions and are ultimately responsible for product outcomes.


Product Development

  • Ensure product solutions are desirable, viable, feasible, and sustainable. Solutions should meet a wide range of end user needs.
  • Define the expected value of solutions and track results. Use hypotheses based on user research to estimate the benefit of proposed solutions.
  • Design each solution from the customer’s perspective, using personas, empathy interviews, empathy maps, and related tools to capture and communicate customer wants and needs.
  • Deliver features that solve meaningful and strategically relevant problems while delighting users.
  • Work hand-in-hand with the Product Owner to prioritise features and refine the backlog.
  • Ensure the Product Owner has all the information they need to deliver successfully.

Product Strategy Refinement

  • Continuously refine the product vision, roadmap, strategy, and design to target optimal business value.
  • Maintain a deep knowledge of business strategy, customer segmentation, market dynamics and value stream economics.

Stakeholder Management

  • Prepare sales, customer success and operations teams for product launches.
  • Champion new and innovative product ideas to stakeholders and the development team.

AREA42 Partnership

  • Act as senior advisor for other venture teams, helping them to find the right resources, supporting technical choices, and facilitating operational implementation to accelerate the experiments.

Legal and compliance

  • Engage with legal to obtain guidance and feedback on initiatives
  • Work with legal to ensure ensure products and supporting legal documents are fully compliant with all EU and local regulatory requirements



●     3+ years of experience in product management / ownership roles with exposure to IT systems with complex business processes

●     Deep understanding of the product development process, the product life cycle, and program management.

●     Advanced knowledge of individual product development stages

●     Well versed in Jira and Confluence

●     Enthusiastic interest in technology and/or finance

●     Knowledge of online payments, SEPA Direct Debit, SEPA Credit Transfer, Request-To-Pay, plus an understanding of B2B and international online payments is preferred

●     Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams

●     Proficiency with Google Workspace is preferred

●     Attention to detail, organisational skills, and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously

●     European VAT number required

Salary range:

  • 250-350/day 
  • Job subject to contract via proUnity (AREA42 procurement platform), with monthly timesheets and invoicing
  • Invoices should be CC to invoices@area42.tech


Work hours, travel requirements, etc.:

  • Work up to 200 days for this SoW in 2024. As a freelancer, you are free to choose when you wish to work with AREA42 or to take holidays.
  • Travels to support the development of the SoW (up to 25% of the time) (travel to be arranged and cost carried by AREA42)
  • For administrative simplicity all travel assignments are arranged by AREA42 and also the costs are carried directly by AREA42.