7 months
01/05/2024 - 31/12/2024 Belgium
  • Program Manager Senior
  • English Full professional proficiency
  • Dutch Nice to have
  • French Nice to have

DORA Program Manager



  • Brussels
  • Remote location possible (this over-rules the stipulation in the Framework contract that “The Freelancer undertakes to provide the Services at the premises of the Customer …”)

Task objectives 

Credendo seeks the assistance of a program manager (“PM”) for assistance with coordinating the necessary projects for the Credendo group to become compliant with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (“DORA”) before the 17 January 2025 deadline

The selected PM shall assist the Credendo group as a whole to become DORA compliant. In particular, the PM key contributing areas shall be (without being limited to):

  • program management of DORA from inception through to delivery;
  • coordinating the different DORA initiatives that are already ongoing or are still required for compliance with DORA;
  • securing resources and expertise from the wider organisation as required;
  • safeguarding successful project delivery and actively leading dependencies to drive projects to be delivered on time and within budget;
  • providing transparency into programme status producing status reports, project updates for stakeholders (including for the required committees and the boards of directors of the different legal entities of the Credendo group);


  • Compliance experience: Proven experience in assisting financial institutions with regulatory compliance, preferably with previous work experience related to compliance with EU regulations.
  • Industry Knowledge: Familiarity with the financial services industry and the specific operations of the Credendo group.
  • Regulatory Analysis Skills: Ability to analyse the implications of DORA on the Credendo group’s operations and develop strategies for compliance.
  • Risk Management Expertise: Proficiency in assessing risks associated with non-compliance and implementing risk mitigation measures.
  • Communication Skills: Effective communication skills to liaise with stakeholders within the financial group and regulatory authorities.
  • Project Management Abilities: Experience in managing compliance projects, including planning, execution, and monitoring.
  • Training and Education: Capability to provide training and educational resources to employees of the Credendo group to ensure understanding and adherence to DORA.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.