9 months
18/03/2024 - 31/12/2024 Brussels, Belgium
  • Data Governance Expert
  • Dutch Active knowledge
  • French Active knowledge
  • English Passive knowledge
  • Management of glossaries of business terms Expert
  • Metadata management within data catalogs Expert
  • Data Governance Junior
  • Working knowledge of data governance tools Expert
  • Data quality management Confirmed
  • Change Management Junior
  • Project Management Junior

General Description and context: 

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Data Governance and Data Quality Expert who will play a pivotal role in establishing and maintaining robust data governance frameworks, ensuring high data quality and integrity on analytics data, including master and referential data.

More specifically, The NIHDI (INAMI-RIZIV) and the Mutualities in Belgium have decided to set up a common modern data platform to share high quality health related information between their organizations. Both parties have already local data solutions and competencies that will now converge into a single version of the truth data analytics solution.

The Data Governance & Data Quality Expert plays a key role in the development of a central hub for NIHDI master and referential data needed for validation controls on data flows coming from the mutualities and that will be stored in the common data platform. 

The data governance and data quality expert sits within the central Data Office which is a central organization providing data services across the different NIHDI business lines. He/she works in the data governance team in close collaboration with the BI analytics scrum teams and the business stakeholders.

The expert will become the preferred partner and stakeholder for the requirements coming from the mutualities and the NHIDI business lines in terms of data flows related to referential and master data but also advise on quality and business rules that need to be applied.  


Roles & Responsibilities: 

·         Provide active support to the Data Governance Manager in order to establish and maintain robust data governance frameworks, manage meta data and contribute to the set up of a central data catalog in close collaboration with Business Data Stewards

·         Start analysing and documenting the As-Is situation: understand and make a cartography of the master data and referentials landscape, analyse the existing business and data quality rules

·         Analyse business needs and identify list of referentials and data quality rules needed for the development of a central referential hub 

·         Assign owners and responsibilities and define appropriate governance on master and referential data

·         Define business rules that must be implemented in the future validation engine 

·         Document business rules and quality controls

·         Align also with mutualities on needs, controls and quality expectations

·         Be the central point of contact for all questions and new requirements related to the validation engine

·         Provide the requirements to the project team that will build the validation engine

·         Identify any needs for operational services such as query engine, workflow, CRUD for maintenance

·         Provide support and specification to the maintenance team of the referential data hub and the validation engine

·         Works  closely with the Data Architect, The operational data quality team and the BI development scums teams

·         Informs and reports to the Data Governance Manager about potential issues and risks


Key Skills: 

·         Bachelor or Master degree in Computer Science or equivalent

·         Minimum 5 years of experience as a data governance specialist with strong focus on data quality cleaning activities

·         Ability to translate business requirements into technical specifications and requirements

·         Master and referential data management expertise 

·         Basic knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 

·         Basic Knowledge of SQL queries 

·         Very good understanding of database management systems 

·         Experience in master and reference data integration and usage.

·         Experience in working in an agile project mode.

·         Business process management experience is a plus

·         Data modelling experience is a plus

·         Experience in building a data validation engine (business rules, semantic validation) is a plus

·         Experience in data functional analysis is a plus.



·         Analytical mind with a problem-solving aptitude

·         Conceptual thinking

·         Good communication skills (convincing and diplomacy)

·         Good technical skills related to data governance tooling, translating requirements into features

·         Go-getter profile

·         Pragmatic approach and delivery focus

·         Team player with an ability to work in a collaborative spirit within a transversal organization

·         Perseverance, stress resistant and flexibility

·         Like to learn and open-minded

Job description summary:

As a Data Governance and Data Quality Expert you will be in charge of the development of a central hub for NIHDI master and referential data. You will define data governance framework and data quality rules to maintain master and referential data.



Data Governance, data quality, master data, referential data, data catalog, meta data


INAMI is committed to a work culture where responsibility, flexibility and transparency are the key words. We work according to the NWOW (new way of working) principles. A flexible work organization, where consultation is the common thread, allows us to work and collaborate in a healthy and sustainable way.
INAMI encourages the development of one’s skills and personality, as well as the exercise of one’s responsibilities. INAMI practices a leadership style whose main axes are listening, valuing, supporting, granting trust, stimulating, thinking together and daring to make decisions. In this way, we want to provide a working environment where everyone feels good and considers their work useful for themselves, for their colleagues, for customers and for the public interest. In return, we expect our consultants to adopt a loyal, professional and honest attitude.

We offer you an interesting job in providing ICT services that have an impact on society, with many advantages:
– A good balance between professional and private life
– flexible schedule in the provision of 40 hours per week (7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. with fixed times between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.)
– possibility of teleworking
– work spaces organized according to activities
– easy accessibility via public transport
– car and bike parking in the building
– individual locker
– several possibilities for self-development
– training and learning opportunities (to be followed outside of working hours) via our e-academy self-learning platform or via the Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiative platform.
– company restaurant