2 months
28/03/2024 - 28/05/2024 Belgium
  • Configuration & Deployment Manager Expert
  • Dutch Native
  • French Native
  • English Active knowledge
  • Microsoft SCCM Expert
  • Intune Confirmed
  • Windows Services Expert

FOD mobility Transport ICT Services information

The FPS Mobility and Transport  in Belgium is concerned with the coordination of IT services and the creation of innovative IT tools for mobility. Our focus is on aviation, shipping, road and rail transport throughout Belgium. We strive to improve mobility in Belgium through technological solutions and digital innovation.

Employer: ICT staff department of the FPS Mobility and Transport (Rue du progrès 56, 1210 Brussels).

We develop and maintain applications in fascinating and rapidly changing domains such as aviation, drones, shipping, road transport and sustainable mobility. Flexibility and agility are an asset!

As a crossroads bank for vehicles, vessels and aircraft, we collect data, correlate it and make it available to other governments and organizations. We keep our IT environment robust, secure and up-to-date with the latest technologies. We follow the technological evolutions in the market and look at how we can usefully enable them for our FPS and its customers.

The FPS Mobility and Transport makes you move. On the road, on the water, on the railway or in the air, we ensure that everyone can move around. Our main task is to contribute to safety, the environment and the economy of transport. 

Function Description

The ideal candidate will possess the necessary expertise to configure and administer the Microsoft Intune platform, ensuring smooth and effective deployment of software packages. This individual will play a crucial role in migrating packages from SCCM to Intune/Scappman, controlling their deployment, and troubleshooting any related issues that may arise.

You will work in the ICT Back Office teams for 5 days.  You will finalise the configuration of Intune. You will also work with ICT Front Office for 15 days to migrate SCCM packages to Intune/Scappman with knowledge transfer to an experienced SCCM package developer and a junior developer. You will have to document your work perfectly so that the rest of the team can build on your work.

The migration of a simple package is estimated to take an average of 4 hours. The migration of a more complex package is estimated to take an average of 8 hours. We start with a few simple packages and then move on to more complex ones so that our in-house staff can learn and put them into practice. IT hardware, licences and access rights are at the SPF’s expense.

Mission timing and characteristics :

This mission include 20 days and could start from 1 July 2023.The presence in Brussels (City Atrium : Rue du Progrès 56, 1210 Bruxelles ) is required. Performance will be scheduled in mutual consultation.

More detailed tasks in this project are

  • Finalize the configuration of the operational Microsoft Intune tool within the SPF Mobilité, ensuring it meets the organization’s requirements.
  • Migrate packages of varying complexity from Microsoft SCCM to Microsoft Intune/Scappman, ensuring a seamless transition.
  • Transfer knowledge and expertise to internal personnel, including one senior team member and one junior team member, to enhance their understanding and usage of Microsoft Intune.
  • Monitor and control the deployment of developed packages, ensuring they are successfully implemented across the organization’s devices.
  • Perform diagnostics and troubleshooting in the event of package deployment failures, identifying the root causes and implementing effective resolutions.
  • Document all aspects of the configuration, migration, deployment, and troubleshooting processes, creating comprehensive and up-to-date documentation.


  • Strong organizational skills to effectively manage and prioritize tasks in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent autonomy and ability to work independently, taking ownership of assigned responsibilities.
  • Functional knowledge of the English language to effectively communicate and collaborate with international stakeholders.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills for clear and concise interaction with team members and stakeholders.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment, sharing knowledge and expertise to achieve common goals.
  • Outcome-oriented mindset, focusing on delivering results and meeting objectives.
  • Flexibility in adapting to changing requirements and delivering high-quality work within specified timelines.
  • Experience in the public sector is an extra
  • Experience working in the Mobility and Transport sector is an extra
  • You have excellent communication skills and can convey complex information clearly and comprehensibly
  • You have a strong analytical and problem-solving ability and can come up with creative solutions
  • You are stress resistant and can deal with tight deadlines and high pressure


Send us include with your CV : Microsoft SCCM certification, ITIL foundation v3 or higher certification minimum and Microsoft Server (version > 2012) certifications ! Mandatory ! Must be sended to be validated!  Without this document your candidature will be rejected directly.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in this challenging role, please send us your CV and motivation letter. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what you can contribute to our team.